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Travel and escape in the cities of France

Travel & get away

Top destinations

For you, traveling couples or singles with a passion for travel, there are several featured destinations just waiting for you.

Weekend in France

Take a break from your hectic life and visit the sights of France for a

Accommodations & hotels

For your tailor-made trip, the travel agency will take care of finding you the best accommodation according to your desires.

Bed and Breakfast in France

Whether you stay only one night or several days, the guest house and gites in France offer you their “Bed and Breakfast” formula where you will be welcomed as friends.

The breakfast included in this formula will be an opportunity for you to discover the rich and diversified gastronomy of France.

France: a reference destination

Historical cities not to be missed

Passionate about history? France is THE destination of excellence for you: the medieval city of Provins, Blois, Troyes…

Tourism in Europe

World tourist destination

From Paris, the city of lights, to its numerous countryside all rich in culture, France will charm you for sure!

Prepare & plan your trip

Travel safety

The travel agent will take care of the preparations to ensure a smooth trip: documents, insurance, accommodation…

The possibilities of accommodation

for his vacations

By visiting the travel booking portals, you will have a wide choice of accommodation for your stay according to your travel budget.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast

Vacation rentals

Vacation rentals

Travelling out of season

Traveling off-season in France comes with several advantages. Not only will the airfare be cheaper because there are fewer flights, but so will the accommodation. Luxury hotels will be more accessible to you. There will also be fewer people, an opportunity for you to enjoy its various heavenly sites and natural landscapes.

To see on a trip

la corse

The most beautiful islands

Like a desire for the sea and beaches? Visit the Island of Beauty, Corsica, or the wonderful Reunion Island!

The most beautiful museums

France is home to the Louvre Museum, undoubtedly one of the most famous and most visited museums in the world.

La Gastronomie Lyonnaise

The most beautiful cities

Besides Paris, the capital of love, cities such as Lyon and its exceptional gastronomy are also worth visiting.

Unusual tours in France

Slow Tourism

Slow tourism, which appeared in the 2000s, is opposed to mass tourism and consumerism. More and more popular in France, this practice aims at discovering unique landscapes while soaking up nature. Slow tourism means taking your time and savoring every moment and every encounter during your trip.